About Loop A Song

If you could instantly find focus and maintain it would you? If I told you that this could be done without extra coffee or supplements would you believe me?

Well there is a way, it's one of the oldest yet simplest life hacks out there.

Listening to the same piece of content over and over or better known as a loop can help you find focus like never before. By listening on loop you'll start mentally expecting what comes next, allowing you to block out the monkey brain.

Built as a utility tool for those who want to be more productive. Loop A Song allows you to loop any videos from YouTube.

Use it as a screensaver, try a fireplace video on repeat, fish tank, or even a lightening storm. With Loop A Song you'll be able to endlessly loop any video/song of your choosing from YouTube.

To get this to work on mobile (iOS), even with a locked screen:Open up Loop A Song in your mobile browser and start playing the song or video of your choosing. After locking your phone the sound will stop but from the lock screen you can swipe up restart the loop by hitting the play button.

Enjoy. If you enjoy this or know someone who will please share our site LoopASong.com with them.

About Loop A Song